Season 1 | Episode 3: "Sharing"

Today's episode focuses on ways in which digital technologies and spaces affect how commodities and information are shared. Cars, couches, music, and writing are all up for grabs as the Zeugma team members talk and interview their way around sharing.

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image via Wikimedia Commons

Episode Producer: Lisa Gulesserian

In this week's episode, the Zeugma team looks at sharing from a variety of angles. Episode producer Lisa Gulesserian asks what it means to "share," particularly given the ways digital technologies and online spaces are shaping and reshaping how and with whom we share. Starting with a quick consideration of the Burning Man festival, the team considers the implications of both car-sharing company Car2Go and, including an interview with an international couch surfer.

Next, Lisa interviews Anthony Volodkin, creator of the music-blog aggregating website Hype Machine. Lisa and Anthony discuss the origins and mission of Hype Machine, as well as how it illustrates and complicates issues of ownership versus access in digital spaces.

Finally, we talk with two writers associated with The University of Texas at Austin about their experiences and perspectives on the sharing of writing--creative and academic--online.

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