Season 3 | Episode 5: "Digital Canvassing"

Canvassing, fundraising and philanthropy are practices that rely heavily on emotional rhetorical appeals that have been around for millenia. Beginning with Aristotle's discussion of emotion in the Rhetoric, we ask several experienced Austin fundraisers what has changed and what stays the same when raising cash for a cause goes online. What do classical emotional appeals look like with modern media?

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Image credit: Beth Kantner, “Twitter Solicitation Technique.” Uploaded on March 19, 2009. Accessed March 12, 2015. Size and resolution have been altered. 

Episode Producer: Jeremy Smyczek

Thanks to Nathan Leclear, Mary Hedengren, and Tammy Moon.

Music and sound credits: “Emotional Rescue” (Mick Jagger & Kieth Richards), performed by the Rolling Stones in 1980; “I Second that Emotion” (Smokey Robinson & Al Cleveland), performed by Smokey and the Miracles in 1967; excerpt from Friday (dir. F. Gary Gray) dialogue spoken by Faizon Love, 1995; “Sweet Emotion” (Steven Tyler & Tom Hamilton), performed by Aerosmith in 1975.