Season 2 | Episode 9: "Riffing"

This episode is "Riffing." Riffing: What is it? It's a collaborative effort minus communication, an experiment with the unknown; it's developing something creative from a minimal snippet of audio and working extremely freely within very defined parameters. It's Zeugma members developing ideas off of each other--or tripping each other up and deliberately misinterpreting each other. It's a mix of exciting, weird, and hilarious that is hard to explain. Best just give it a listen.

You can stream the episode below; you can also download it via iTunes and LibSyn.

Image credit: Wikimedia commons (image in the public domain)

Do you remember a game from your childhood where you and your friends were writing a story, except you only got to see the last sentence of whatever the person before you wrote? This episode of Zeugma is a little like that, only in podcast format. We have been playing this game throughout the spring semester, with the following rules: 1. You do not talk about your segment. 2. You DO NOT talk about your segment. 3. Whoever's turn it is produces a segment that is exactly 3 minutes long (and does not talk about it). 4. Each person has 2 weeks to finish their segment. 5. They then pass the last 15 seconds of their segment on to the next person (without talking about their segment). 6. Repeat.

Last week, we finally sat down together to listen to the end product of the game. This episode of Zeugma showcases both the result and our reactions to and feelings about this particular format. You'll hear about yellow snow, the policing of female hygiene, phallic vectors, Duncan's taste in music and the complicated dynamics of rape jokes. Prepare to go wherever the riffing takes you.