Season 3 | Episode 2: "Standing at the Corner"

"The Intersection of Rhetoric and Technology." This is a phrase we bandy about in Zeugma, the Digital Writing and Research Lab, and the broader field of rhetorical study. But what, exactly, does it mean? On what map is it located? In this episode, the Zeugma team takes to the streets to find some answers.

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Image Credit: Untitled by Joseph Wingenfeld. The image's size and resolution have been altered.

Episode Producer: Dustin Hixenbaugh

In this episode, the Zeugma team conducts a series of interviews of people within the vicinity of the University of Texas campus, seeking their sense of what the words "rhetoric" and "technology" mean, and how both manifest in their day-to-day lives. The episode is as much a look backward at the mission that Zeugma has been driving toward during its first two years in operation as it is a look forward to the third season, which is currently underway and increasing the series' interest in exploring matters of interest to the Austin community and the process of community building.

Thank you to our guests: Tekla Hawkins, Fred Stanton, and the other generous members of the Austin community who allowed us to interview them.

Music in this episode: "Blue Yodel #9 (Standing on the Corner)" by Jimmie Rodgers feat. Louis Armstrong (1930).