The Digital Writing and Research Lab retired Zeugma at the end of its 2014-2015 season, but our archives will remain available on this site going forward. Thank you to all the guests who joined us over the years and especially to all the DWRL staff members who worked so hard to make Zeugma a success.

This infographic recaps Zeugma's three-year run. A transcription is provided following the image.

Infographic transcription
The Digital Writing and Research Lab produced Zeugma, a podcast about rhetoric and technology, from 2012 to 2015. In those three years, 15 rhetoricians produced three seasons of the podcast and 38 episodes in total, with 26 episodes across the regular seasons and 12 special features.
Zeugma had listeners in 73 countries, with 81% of downloads originating in the United States, 3% in the United Kingdom, and 16% from the rest of the world.
The most popular episode of the program was the eighth episode of the second season, “Hacking”. The fourth episode of season one, “Procrastinating”, came in second, and the fifth episode of season one, “Trolling”, third.
Most downloads of Zeugma came from Apple devices — 34% from iOS and 13% from iTunes. 14% of listeners accessed Zeugma using Mozilla or Firefox, and 13% used Chrome.
Zeugma conducted interviews with two of the guests at the DWRL’s annual Speaker Series. Jody Shipka spoke on “Evocative Objects” in 2013 and Collin Brooke spoke on “Entropics of Discourse” in 2014.
Zeugma also conducted interviews at the 2014 Rhetoric Society of America conference and released these as a series of Summer Specials. The interviewees were Roxanne Mountford, Collin Brooke, Jeff Rice, Joyce Locke Carter and Victor Vitanza.
The Season 1 Zeugma team comprised Eric Detweiler (project leader), Andy Uzendoski, Axel Bohmann, Hala Herbly, Lisa Gulesserian, Michael Roberts and Patrick Schultz.
The Season 2 Zeugma team comprised Axel Bohmann (project leader), Andy Uzendoski, Beck Wise, Duncan Moench, Jake Cowan, Megan Eatman and Michael Roberts.
The Season 3 Zeugma team comprised Beck Wise (project leader, fall), Dusty Hixenbaugh (project leader, spring), Jeremy Smyczek, Katharine Stevenson and Sarah Riddick.