Interview | Jeff Rice

We're back with the third installment in Zeugma's 2014 summer interview series, recorded at the Rhetoric Society of America conference in San Antonio, Texas. For interview #3, we sat down with the University of Kentucky's Jeff Rice. Dr. Rice is a professor in Kentucky's newly formed Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies, which you can learn more about in our previous interview with Roxanne Mountford. He's the author of Digital Detroit: Rhetoric and Space in the Age of the Network, as well as The Rhetoric of Cool: Composition Studies and New Media. You can check out his writing over at his blog, Yellow Dog.

You can stream the interview via the player below, or you can both stream and download it via this link (to download, just right-click the link and select "Save Link As").

Rice's current book project is Craft Obsession. Part of that project, which he discusses in the interview, is focused on "networked terroir." He expands terroir, a concept typically associated with the physical environments in which wines are produced, to think about the social and technological contexts in which products circulate--craft beer, for instance. Rice also contributed a chapter to the 2014 Parlor Press anthology Invasion of the MOOCs: The Promise and Perils of Massive Open Online Courses. In his chapter, which is entitled “MOOCversations: Commonplaces as Argument,” Rice relates his experiences in “English Composition I: Achieving Expertise,” a writing MOOC facilitated by Duke University.

In addition to Craft Obsession and “MOOCversations,” Rice talks about both his perspectives on digital pedagogy and the University of Kentucky’s new department.

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