Interview | Collin Brooke

For the second installment in our summer interview series, we spoke with Collin Brooke. Dr. Brooke is an associate professor of rhetoric and writing at Syracuse University, and is also part of Syracuse's composition and cultural rhetoric doctoral program. He's the author of Lingua Fracta: Towards a Rhetoric of New Media, and his work has appeared in such journals as Enculturation, College Composition and Communication, and JAC.

Stream today's interview using the player below, or stream/download it via this link.

In this interview, Eric Detweiler talks with Brooke about the possibilities for digital rhetoric scholarship, his role as Director of Electronic Services for the Rhetoric Society of America, and the ways in which he's putting Bruno Latour's work in conversation with rhetoric.

If you missed this series' first installment--an interview with the University of Kentucky's Roxanne Mountford featuring a cameo appearance by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Bill Keith--it's accessible here. If you're interested in more on intersections between Latour and rhetoric, you can take Brooke's recommendation and check out this book by Clay Spinuzzi.

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